Gland Packing

Gland Packing


The Ultimate in Gland Packing Suppliers in Australia

In need of a stuffing box to house the head of a tap, a piston rod or the shaft of a hand pump? No problem – Steamline Engineering has you covered. We have solutions to seal glands in all kinds of devices. Our products are designed to work efficiently and effectively towards ensuring the necessary prevention of leakage from working liquids along the stems in valves and along the shafts in pumps and stationery duties.

Gland packing technology to seal a range of different equipment

Unlike mechanical seals, gland packing is extremely reliable, more affordable, simple to install and maintain, highly tolerant to poor mechanical conditions and abrasive or corrosive environments, and very tough. As leaders in the industry of pump gland suppliers, our products boast the latest technology in liquid sealing and restriction qualities, incorporating innovative combinations of fibres and cutting edge materials that have been tried and tested time and time again to ensure high levels of durability and longevity. These items can be used for many applications including tank hatch cover sealings; manhole cover sealings; globe, gate and ball valves; reciprocating, rotating (for instance, centrifugal), screw and gear pumps; and even in the propeller shaft sealing in certain boats and ships.

Find the perfect gland packing product to suit your needs

It is crucial that you use the correct product to pack your equipment’s glands, and to do so accurately by employing the expertise of a professional. Get in contact with the suppliers at Steamline Engineering and we can help navigate you towards the best technology for your specific purposes.

Need other packing materials? Browse our range today

In addition to our gland sealing products, we also manufacture and supply valve packing and PTFE packing. Order from the industry experts today for Australia wide delivery.


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