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In need of a stuffing box to house the head of a tap, a piston rod or the shaft of a hand pump? No problem – Steamline Engineering has you covered. We have solutions to seal glands in all kinds of devices. Our products are designed to work efficiently and effectively towards ensuring the necessary prevention of leakage from working liquids along the stems in valves and along the shafts in pumps and stationery duties.

Gland packing technology to seal a range of different equipment

Unlike mechanical seals, gland packing is extremely reliable, more affordable, simple to install and maintain, highly tolerant to poor mechanical conditions and abrasive or corrosive environments, and very tough. As leaders in the industry of pump gland suppliers, our products boast the latest technology in liquid sealing and restriction qualities, incorporating innovative combinations of fibres and cutting edge materials that have been tried and tested time and time again to ensure high levels of durability and longevity. These items can be used for many applications including tank hatch cover sealings; manhole cover sealings; globe, gate and ball valves; reciprocating, rotating (for instance, centrifugal), screw and gear pumps; and even in the propeller shaft sealing in certain boats and ships.

Find the perfect gland packing product to suit your needs

It is crucial that you use the correct product to pack your equipment’s glands, and to do so accurately by employing the expertise of a professional. Get in contact with the suppliers at Steamline Engineering and we can help navigate you towards the best technology for your specific purposes.

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In addition to our gland sealing products, we also manufacture and supply valve packing and PTFE packing. Order from the industry experts today for Australia wide delivery.



Supplying High-Grade PTFE Packing in Melbourne and Australia Wide

Here at Steamline Engineering, we endeavour to stock all types of PTFE packing materials for our clients across Australia. With low-friction, chemical resistance, heat endurance, and high-safety guaranteed, our products are made to stand the test of time while providing efficient sealing solutions. You won’t have to worry about the fibres struggling against temperature extremes or fluid leakages thanks to the strength and versatility of our huge range of products on offer.

We manufacture and sell a variety of PTFE packing solutions

Manufactured in Melbourne, our products are made to suit all kinds of jobs. Choose from our pure rami yarn with PTFE, or our pure yarn made of expanded PTFE, which also encapsulates graphite and is therefore ideal for dealing with all fluids (except strong oxidants). From round and twisted fibres for highly-flexible use, to strengthened materials that won’t eat into your shafts, you can find the perfect solution to suit your particular sealing needs with Steamline Engineering.

Providing PTFE packing for all applications

Thanks to our huge range of products available for purchase, we can make sure you will find the right material for your unique purposes. Our PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) packing solutions are suitable for slower shaft speed applications, rotary equipment, pharmaceutical products, food grade packing and food processing applications. Lubricated with chemical-safe mineral oils, we ensure our products meet Australian regulation standards and cater to all of the appropriate purposes.

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Check out our other products, including gland and valve packing and materials, or get in touch with Steamline Engineering to find out more about our services. Based in Melbourne, we deliver our products Australia wide for ultimate convenience.


This unit has a special braided packing made from 100% graphite yarn impregnated with a special compound including pure colloidal graphite. As a passive inhibitor of corrosion, the PAN yarns do not show signs of ageing and ensure a longer life span.


This unit is suitable for many valve applications including steam, hydrocarbon and petrochemical operations, as well as feed boiler pumps and soot blowers. Avoid using at maximum temperatures and pressures before consulting the manufacturer.


Packing made from pure ramie yarn with special impregnation of PTFE. The product does not eat into the shafts and it is easily adjustable.

Recommended Uses
Packing suitable for centrifugal and alternative pumps in the paper mills, food and petroliferous industry in presence of oil, greases, water, fuels and weak solvents. 

Packing for the most severe uses where only the pure PTFE ensures the sealing. Each fibre is lubricated with a heat dispersion in order to eliminate at the most heat friction.

Recommended Uses
Because of the absolute chemical inertia of the PTFE this packing is recommended for dynamic uses with all the chemical, foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products. 

Particularly suitable in steam boiler feed water pumps and on valves at low to medium pressure.

Recommended Uses
Specific packing for applications on boiler feeding pumps, process fluids and petroliferous products. 


Pure carbon yarn packing, single impregnation, round and twisted section in order to be very flexible to the stress and the cambers. Inorganic corrosion inhibitor is present in the impregnation.


Packing manufactured to offer a valid product at a very reasonable price. It is constituted of composite synthetic fibre at the intermediate stage of pre-oxidation, with graphite and silicon free lubricants base impregnation.

Recommended Uses
Packing suitable for applications on oils, steams, condensate, weak solvents, acids and weak alkalies at low temperatures.  


Oils, steam, alcohol light solvents, acid and alkalis.


Packing made from synthetic fibre yarn expressly selected to answer the request of universal use product, impregnated in PTFE dispersion and silicon free lubricants.

Recommended Uses

div>Packing for general uses in centrifugal
and alternative pumps, valves, agitators and mixers. 


Designed for wide usage in paper mills, food and sugar industries, leaves on residues and being white does not stain.


Packing made from pure yarn of expanded PTFE where graphite is encapsulated. The particularity of this yarn is to combine the qualities of the PTFE and of the graphite. The encapsulation of the graphite in the expanded PTFE eliminates the migration of the graphite and the thermic expansion.

Recommended Uses
Particularly suitable on centrifugal pumps. Fits for all the fluids except strong oxidants. 

Particularly suitable for centrifugal pumps and low pressure valves. It is excellent packing for general use in all fluids, except in strong oxidizers such as oleum, fuming nitric acid, aqua regia and fluorine.

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