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Bryan Boxshall, Managing Director, established Steamline Engineering with one simple goal: to provide the best quality pump, graphite and compression packings as well as the highest calibre range of gasket material and sealing sets to customers all over Australia: not just in our home base in Melbourne.

Steamline EngineeringOur product quality, industry knowledge and customer service are the pillars on which this business is built. It’s why we’ve experienced continual growth over our years of operation. With a strong growth pattern predicted for this year, we can safely say that Steamline Engineering is the number one manufacturer and supplier for all your gasket and packing materials, nation-wide.

From steam gaskets to compression packings, we’ve got it all

Whether you need a graphite gasket, a thermal insulator or a compression packing, Steamline has got you covered. We supply packing and gaskets to an extensive range of industries, including the boiler and pump industries. Our diverse range of products includes steam gaskets, pump packings, carbon packings, graphite packings, compression packings, firefly millboard as well as welding blankets and sealing sets.

The gasket manufacturers delivering the best products Australia wide

Whether you need steam gaskets in Melbourne or carbon packings in Perth, Steamline Engineering supplies the whole of Australia with quality materials.Top of Form Our steam gaskets are manufactured in Melbourne and distributed locally and across Australia to Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Darwin and Adelaide.

Our customer service is next to none

Not only does our team boast a wealth of industry knowledge, we’re also 100% committed to customer satisfaction, helping you get exactly what you need. Our reliable and expert team at Steamline are well-versed in our products, not only allowing us to help you with any enquiry but also give you exclusive knowledge and tips. Clients continue to come back to us for their industrial needs because they know we can promise a quality service at extremely competitive prices, each and every time.




Discover more today

At Steamline, we are confident that we have the solution for you. With our wide range of services and products, including firefly millboard, welding blankets, gasket materials and papersvalve packing, compression, pump packings and more, our range is unrivalled in Australia. 

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