What Is the Best Welding Blanket?

What Is the Best Welding Blanket?

Welding blankets are a super important part of the workplace. They provide you with protection from flying sparks and molten metal shards – both would tickle a little bit if they were to come in contact with your body. On top of that, they protect your machinery from damage too. So, how do you decide on a welding blanket when stocking your business with safety gear? You need to find a welding blanket that’s made well and made to last – and ideally one that’s affordable too. Today, we’ll give you pointers on how to decide the best welding blanket for you and your operations.

Heat resistance

Obviously, extreme heat resistance is the first thing to look for in the best welding blankets. Going for a standard of 600°C resistance is perfect for most operations, and 1000°C resistance for more intense scales of work.


There’s no point investing in a welding blanket if it’s going to be ruined after a few uses. Durability is super important when looking for a welding blanket. Read reviews and determine whether your welding blanket is durable, sustaining hours and hours of use.

User-friendly material

A user-friendly material in your welding blanket is also essential. This means that it won’t chafe your hands, even after long periods of use. This is a good way to spot the difference between a cheaply made welding blanket and a high-quality blanket.

Steamline heatproof blankets

When it comes to choosing a durable yet affordable high-quality heatproof blanket, Steamline should be who you think of first. Their blankets are a super effective and inexpensive way of preventing sparks and molten metal from causing damage to your machinery, or bodily harm. Their quality material won’t chafe your skin after use which is important if you use welding blankets often.

Steamline welding blankets are built to the highest standards and can therefore be used for a range of different industries. These include construction, automotive parts, shipbuilding and many more. Their standard caramelised fibreglass finish is four zero-rated and can withstand temperatures of up to 600°C. Their blankets treated with vermiculite can resist molten ash of up to a whopping 1000°C.

Steamline heatproof blankets are an important safety tool in the workplace. Due to their thickness and weight, they can also function as a kind of fire blanket. This proves to be immensely helpful in situations where high temperatures are involved, and even lifesaving in emergencies – in the unlikely circumstance that they would occur.

Durability, heat resistance and high-quality non-chafe material are three things to look for to determine the best welding blanket for you. If you need a little help, talk to the team at Steamline. Their blankets are durable, extremely heat-resistant, user friendly and they’re affordable too. To keep your team safe with the best quality welding blanket on the market, give the team at Steamline a call today.

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