Environmental Considerations: Eco-Friendly Gasket Solutions

Environmental Considerations Eco Friendly Gasket Solutions

Are you inspired by your partner’s commitment to the compost bin? Seen one of your mates by their first hybrid? Growing more concerned about greenhouse gases?

There are several reasons to turn towards eco-friendly gasket solutions as a way to contribute to sustainability in your business.

Choosing eco-friendly gasket solutions is a great way to boost the sustainability model of your business and do your bit for the environment. Whether you’re choosing high-quality gaskets which prevent fugitive emissions, or using eco-friendly materials like non-asbestos gaskets, there are several ways to achieve this. Here, we hear from Steamline Engineering’s experts on eco-friendly gasket solutions.

Minimising fugitive emissions

Fugitive emissions are leaks and other irregular releases of gases or vapours from a pressurized containment such as appliances, storage tanks, pipelines, wells, or other pieces of equipment. They mostly from occur from industrial activities and the machinery used in them.

You may not think much about the flanges of your machinery and their contribution to fugitive emissions – but studies show that up to one third of fugitive emissions are created by small leaks in flanges. When added up, this is a considerable amount of fugitive emissions which can be minimised by investing in better, more effective gaskets.

Choosing ultra-effective gaskets by premium manufacturers

That’s why an ultra-effective gasket is largely an eco-friendly gasket. The more effective the gasket, the less fugitive emissions are produced, the more eco-friendly and sustainable your operation is.

We suggest choosing premium-grade gaskets by quality manufacturers like Carrera and Firefly. These reputable manufacturers are known for their excellent quality gaskets which, when installed in the correct conditions, create more effective seals for longer periods of time.

Sustainable gasket materials

There are several gasket materials which are sustainable, providing eco-friendly alternatives to traditional gasket materials:

  • Cork
    Cork is an eco-friendly gasket solution which is uses bark from trees without actually cutting down trees. It’s a natural material which decomposes in landfill, being biodegradable within just a few years.
  • Fibre
    Fibre is a great non-asbestos gasket with eco-friendly qualities. They can be made from natural products when required for low-pressure, low chemical applications.

If you’re in the market for high-quality eco-friendly gaskets, Steamline Engineering can assist you. With a range of ultra-effective sealing gaskets from premium manufacturers, we help your business reduce fugitive emissions, increasing your sustainability. Steamline Engineering is your local home for top-quality gaskets for a range of applications. We stock a range of premium-grade gaskets from excellent manufacturers like Carrara and Firefly, providing metallic, rubber, PTFE, graphite gaskets and more. Supplying various gaskets from various materials, Steamline are also Australia’s leading team for other industrial equipment like thermal tapes and seals, welding blankets and valve packing materials.

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