5 Tips to Improve Workplace Safety

5 Tips to Improve Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is important in any workplace, but if you’re conducting particularly high-risk work, then it’s absolutely paramount. Whether we’re talking about high temperature equipment, large equipment, powerful equipment or anything else that doesn’t involve sitting behind a computer for work, workplace safety should be implemented in every single task we complete. Good working environments are constantly seeking to make the workplace safer, so here’s something to get the ball rolling: 5 tips to improve your workplace safety, brought to you by the experts at Steamline Engineering.

1) Improve training

Training is the best way to guarantee that your employees are well across the safe and proper use of equipment. In a warehouse, for example, this means training employees not to use the pallet jack as a giant scooter, and in a high-risk work environment, this means giving comprehensive training on the correct use of equipment. When employees are given extensive training on how to use equipment, there’s much less chance of things going wrong due to human error.

2) Keep emergency exits clear

Emergency exits should be kept clear at all times, no matter where you work. Obstructions can slow down employees when exiting the building promptly in the case of an emergency. They can also cause tripping hazards, posing even more danger. Make sure you clearly outline the emergency exits to new employees and have regular refreshers too.

3) Use welding blankets

If you work in an environment where molten metal and flying sparks are a constant worry, then you should definitely be using welding blankets. These vermiculite blankets are designed to protect your workers from the hazardous nature of machinery used in shipbuilding, construction, automotive parts, oil plants, flammable chemicals and more.

4) Invest in thermal covers

Thermal covers are essential safety items for machinery that involves extreme temperatures. Uncovered sections of machinery that are either very hot or very cold should be properly covered and insulated in order to protect your staff and ensure your workplace is compliant with occupational health and safety regulations. Thermal covers also help to maximise energy efficiency and protect your equipment so that it can live a long life.

5) Keep the workplace clean

A clean workplace is a safe workplace. This way, there’s less clutter to interfere with your work, possibly creating a tripping hazard or hygiene hazard. Cleanliness is next to godliness!

As you know, safety in the workplace is no joke, especially when you’re using powerful machinery. Steamline Engineering are Australia’s team of industrial equipment specialists, helping you boost the safety of your workplace. Stocking quality safety gear like thermal covers, thermal tapes, vermiculite welding blankets and more, Steamline offer competitive prices on all products so that every business can enjoy a safer workplace. Talk to the team at Steamline about what you need.

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