3 Reasons Why Your Pump is Wearing Prematurely

3 Reasons Why Your Pump is Wearing Prematurely

Pumps, for whatever industry you work in, are something you rely on every day, playing a huge role in the success of the factory, mill or any other kind of business. A broken pump is a serious setback, costing the business, big time. If you’ve noticed that your pump is wearing prematurely, or you’re worried about this happening, it’s in your best interest to try and fix the problem immediately. In this post, we outline 3 major reasons your pump is wearing prematurely, and what you can do to solve the issue.

1) Corrosion

Pump corrosion is just about scary enough to send shivers up any manager or business owner’s spine. Corrosion occurs as a result of chemical reaction between the metal and the fluid being pumped. This reaction can cause widespread corrosion of the wet surfaces, predominantly in pumps made from non-stainless steel materials, or localised corrosion of a small portion of the components. Corrosion drastically reduces pump performance and efficiency, requiring maintenance and costing you time and money. Corrosion is best avoided by choosing an appropriate pump material such as stainless steel if possible.

2) Use of poor packing materials

You’ll often find that poor quality packing materials lead to the premature wearing of your pump. The point of packing your pump is to ensure that leakage is controlled around the pump shaft and that air is unable to enter it. Poor quality packing materials can’t perform this job to the same standards as high quality materials, allowing air into the pump which, as you know, is one of the worst things for it. If you suspect this has something to do with premature wearing of your pump, talk to the team at Steamline to invest in some high quality pump packing material.

3) Pump is not packed tight enough

The pump shaft has to be packed nice and tight in order for leakage to be adequately controlled and to prevent air from entering the system. Make sure that the pump is packed sufficiently tight before you start considering other factors. If you’re unsure about the signs that your pump isn’t packed tightly, get in touch with the experts at Steamline and they’ll be able to talk you through it.

Don’t let your pump cause you any more headaches: talk to the guys at Steamline Engineering to make sure your pump lives a long, healthy life. Steamline stock a range of high quality pump packing materials, made from various materials such as graphite, polyester or a combination of the two. Whatever your industry, they’ll be able to find the right pump packing solution for you. Grab a quote from the specialists at Steamline Engineering today.

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