What Is A Welding Blanket Made Of?

What Is A Welding Blanket Made Of?

What would we do without welding blankets? We’d be subject to bodily harm from flying sparks and bits of metal, and we’d be risking damage to our valuable machinery too. Welding blankets are lifesavers in the workshop, allowing us to weld continuously while being protected from sparks and molten metal. But what are these magical cloaks made from? And how are they so good at what they do?

Fibreglass welding blankets

Fibreglass is what most welding blankets are constructed from these days. A while ago, they were made from asbestos… obviously, that is no longer the case. Fibreglass is an incredibly heat-resistant and flame-retardant material, allowing a high-quality welding blanket to resist 600°C. Fibreglass is similarly used in fire blankets.

Welding blankets with vermiculite finish

Then, there are blankets that have been treated with caramelised vermiculite. These welding blankets provide an advanced level of temperature resistance, being able to withstand up to 1000°C. Vermiculite is a special mineral that is extremely temperature resistant – even more so than fibreglass. It can be used in its fibrous form or it can be transformed into a liquid which is then applied as a coating to your welding blanket.

Steamline heatproof blankets

Steamline have both options of welding blanket and can ship them Australia-wide. Their blankets are a super effective and inexpensive way of preventing sparks and molten metal from causing damage to your machinery, or bodily harm. Their quality material won’t chafe your skin after use which is important if you use welding blankets often.

Steamline welding blankets are built to the highest standards and can therefore be used for a range of different industries. These include construction, automotive parts, shipbuilding and many more. They provide both kinds of welding blanket – fibreglass finish and vermiculite finish. Their standard caramelised fibreglass finish is four zero-rated and can withstand temperatures of up to 600°C. Their blankets treated with vermiculite can resist molten ash of up to a whopping 1000°C.

Steamline heatproof blankets are an important safety tool in the workplace. Due to their thickness and weight, they can also function as a kind of fire blanket. This proves to be immensely helpful in situations where high temperatures are involved, and even lifesaving in emergencies – in the unlikely circumstance that they would occur.

So, when choosing a welding blanket, make sure it’s the real deal and that it’s made of the best materials possible – fibreglass or vermiculite, depending on what you use them for. If you’re in the market for a great quality welding blanket, get in touch with the team at Steamline. Their welding blankets are durable, tough and affordably priced too. Keep your team safe and invest in welding blankets from Steamline – give them a call today!

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