What Is A Spiral Wound Gasket?


Regular gasket simply not cutting it anymore? Need something a little stronger? A little more reliable?

Sound like a spiral wound gasket could be the ideal solution. Spiral wound gaskets are incredibly strong, durable gaskets which are great at sealing joints without deteriorating over time.

If you’ve had a regular flat gasket that’s failed you, risking damage to your equipment and therefore a huge financial setback, here’s what you need to know about spiral wound gaskets – brought to you by the authoritative voice on them: Steamline Engineering!

What are spiral wound gaskets commonly used for?

Spiral wound gaskets are found in many industries where the temperature and pressure is high, requiring a super-strong gasket to do the job. Industries like oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, power, and food production are some of the most common that choose spiral wound gaskets for their equipment.

How do they differ from regular gaskets?

There are plenty of ways in which spiral wound gaskets are a cut above your regular gaskets:

  • Built-in spring mechanism
    Spiral wound gaskets offer a built-in spring mechanism – they’re interleaved with a metal strip in the shape of a ‘V’, which pushes outwards against the flanges, creating superior sealing qualities.
  • Gasket material
    Usually a spiral-wound gasket is made from PTFE or graphite, both of which come in various grades. The material is selected based on springiness, corrosion resistance and durability.

Which brands of spiral wound gasket are best?

The manufacturer of the spiral wound gasket is a crucial factor to keep in mind when investing in one. Always choose a reputable manufacturer whose products are highly rated, reviewed and of great quality.

At Steamline Engineering, we choose Carrara metallic gaskets. These high quality spiral wound gaskets are the choice of the true professional and can be used in the industries where high-pressure equipment is a daily part of operations: oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, power, and food production and more. Carrara gaskets are incredible quality, offering supreme strength, gap-filling and durability.

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