Signs Your Valves and Seal May Need Replacing

Signs Your Valves and Seal May Need Replacing

Your valves are like a team of little bees, working away to ensure that the hive (or in this case, your machinery) is running smoothly as a whole. But if one of those bees carks it and can’t contribute to the hive anymore, then she (all worker bees are female, fun fact) needs to be replaced.

The same principle applies to your valves. If you’ve got a feeling that your valves are bad, then they’ll need replacing, along with the seal which strengthens the pinch points of the valves. So, how can you tell if your valves and seal need replacing? Let’s run through a couple of possible signs.

Machinery not running as smoothly as it should

If you’ve noticed that the machinery seems to be jerky, or generally not smooth in operation, then it could be a sign that you need new valves and sealing. Your valves help your machinery to run smooth, the way it should, so if there’s a noticeable change in that, then it could be a valve seal issue.

Loss of power

Valves and valve seals may also need replacing if you’ve noticed a loss of power in your machinery. If the valves show signs of high compression, then they could be affecting the power of your machinery. The best way to test this is through a compression test.

Excessive fluid consumption

If your machinery is consuming oil or fluid faster than usual, then it can be an indicator than your valve seals need replacing. This could be due to a leak in your seals. If there are no obvious leaks anywhere else in your machinery, then the excess fluid consumption can possibly be attributed to seals that need replacing.

What to do about valves and seals that need replacing

The first thing to do when you’ve seals or valves that need replacing is to contact Steamline Engineering. They offer two types of sealing sets that have been designed to deal with the rigorous demands placed upon them. Resistant to mechanical wear and tear, and manufactured to withstand harsh chemicals, these sealing sets are the solution of choice for businesses looking to seal new valves, or reinforce ones that are already in place. It’s important to make sure that you select the right seal for the job and Steamline can guarantee they’ve got the right one for you.

Steamline Engineering are Australia’s team of choice for all things industrial equipment. Specialising in thermal seals, gaskets, tapes and more, they’ve got everything you need to make sure your business runs like a well-oiled machine. Based on the philosophy of providing the best possible product for the best possible price, Steamline help to power many businesses around Australia with their exceptional service and competitive prices.

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