Sealing the Deal: How Custom Gaskets Improve Industrial Efficiency

Sealing the Deal How Custom Gaskets Improve Industrial Efficiency

Custom gaskets – yep, they’re as cool as they sound! Not in terms of looks or anything; they’re quite standard in that department. But they fulfil a vital role in machinery and equipment for which it’s difficult to find proper-fitting gaskets.

Custom gaskets truly seal the deal in a variety of ways. They can improve industrial efficiency through several different avenues, including better sealing, extended machinery life and extended gasket life too. Let’s ask the specialists at Steamline Engineering about custom gaskets and their benefits on industrial efficiency.

A precision fit for each piece of equipment

Custom gaskets are purposely-designed to fit the contours and dimensions of individual pieces of machinery. This means that they create a better, tighter seal which improves efficiency in your equipment. A tighter seal makes it less likely for leaks to occur, and less likely for fugitive emissions to be released.

Made from the right type of material

Not only are they made to fit your equipment perfectly, they’re also made from the exact type of material that best suits your application. Whether you’re in need of an ultra-high-temperature resistant gasket made from graphite or ceramic fibre, or one that is chemical-resistant like PTFE or metallic, your gasket specialist will be able to provide you with what you need.

Increased safety

We touched on the fact that custom gaskets are able to provide a tighter seal than non-custom gaskets. This increases industrial efficiency by reducing leaks of fluid or gases and, at the same time, increases safety. Hazardous, high-temperature and high-pressure applications should always be treated with particular attention due to the safety risks they pose. A custom gasket increases safety by minimising the chance of a leak.

Increased machine life

Custom gaskets can even extend the life of your equipment. When a gasket isn’t sealing as effectively as it should, this creates wear and tear on your equipment by potential contact of the two surfaces, or exposing it to abrasive materials, moisture or corrosive substances. Custom gaskets solve this issue with their incredibly effective sealing properties, increasing machine life at the same time.

Cost benefits

Sure, custom gaskets have a greater upfront cost than generic gaskets, but they can save money in the long run by minimising leaks, lasting longer than their non-custom counterparts and extending machine life.

Steamline Engineering is your local home for top-quality gaskets for a range of applications. We stock a range of premium-grade gaskets from excellent manufacturers like Carrera and Firefly, providing metallic, rubber, PTFE, graphite gaskets and more. Supplying various gaskets from various materials, Steamline are also Australia’s leading team for other industrial equipment like thermal tapes and seals, welding blankets and valve packing materials.

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