Proper Shielding Protects More Than Just Your Employees

Proper Shielding Protects More Than Just Your Employees

Workplace safety is one of the most (if not the most) important considerations for your business. Proper machinery shielding in the form of thermal covers and welding blankets are two tools that uphold safety standards in the workplace and offer maximum protection for employees. More than this, they not only protect your employees, but bring a tonne of other benefits to your business. Here’s how proper shielding protects more than just your employees.

Welding blankets

If you work in an environment where molten metal and flying sparks present a hazard, then you should definitely be using welding blankets. These vermiculite blankets are designed to protect your workers from the hazardous nature of machinery used in shipbuilding, construction, automotive parts, oil plants, flammable chemicals and more.

They also minimise the chance of machinery getting damaged. Welding blankets block sparks from flying all over the workshop and significantly reduce the chance of fire, which isn’t just dangerous for employees, but can also destroy equipment.

Thermal covers

Thermal covers are another form of shielding which are used for extreme-temperature equipment. They ensure that your employees won’t get hurt when handling specialist equipment by shielding them from parts of the machinery that get extremely hot or cold. Not only are thermal covers an essential item for protecting employees, but they also come with a variety of other benefits too.

They’re convenience

Steamline thermal covers are ultra convenient. They stay in place when you want them to and they’re easily removed when required. They can be taken off in a matter of minutes in order to gain access to machinery, whether it’s a routine inspection or emergency maintenance is required.

They’re energy efficient

Thermal covers from Steamline also have the benefit of energy efficiency. They insulate your machinery so that loss of heat is minimised, saving you energy and reducing business costs. It’s also much easier to keep the temperature consistent when using thermal covers from Steamline.

They protect your machinery

On top of that, thermal covers are important because they protect your machinery. Valves, pipes and exhausts are all susceptible to damage if not properly insulated by a thermal cover. Give your machinery the gift of a longer life when you invest in quality thermal covers from Steamline.

Proper shielding isn’t just good for your employees – it’s good for the business. If you’re looking to invest in high-quality Australian welding blankets and thermal covers, Steamline Engineering can help you out. They’re Australia’s specialists in industrial equipment, stocking protective gear as well as gaskets, thermal seals, valve packing and pump packing materials and more. Steamline are driven to give you the best quality product at a great price, helping businesses across the country to do their job and do it well.

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