How Thermal Covers Keep You And Your Employees Safe

How Thermal Covers Keep You And Your Employees Safe

Thermal covers are a fantastic investment if your workplaces uses extreme-temperature machinery. They ensure that your employees won’t get hurt when handling specialist equipment by shielding them from parts of the machinery that get extremely hot or cold. Not only are thermal covers an essential item for protecting employees, but they also come with a variety of other benefits too. Here’s how thermal covers keep you and your employees safe:

Protection from coming into contact with extreme temperatures

The main way that thermal covers protect you and your employees is through preventing contact with high temperatures. Your workplace has machinery or pipes that can become incredibly hot and, although your employees know what they’re doing, mistakes can be made by anyone. If one of your employees tripped in the direction of a hot pipe or machine, a thermal cover would prevent them from being badly scolded.

Protection of your machinery

Valves, pipes and exhausts are all susceptible to damage if not properly insulated by a thermal cover. When the integrity of your machinery is compromised, so is the safety of your workers, so this is another way that thermal covers protect you and your employees. Give your machinery the gift of a longer life when you invest in quality thermal covers from Steamline.

Legal protection

If an unauthorised person entered the building and touched the hot part of your machinery, they may even try to press legal charges against you. What are the odds of this? Incredibly low. But these stories are more frequent than you’d think. A thermal cover on your machinery proves that you tried to prevent a situation like this from happening as best as you could.

Other benefits of thermal covers


Thermal covers from Steamline also have the benefit of energy efficiency. They insulate your machinery so that loss of heat is minimised, saving you energy and reducing business costs. It’s also much easier to keep the temperature consistent when using thermal covers from Steamline.


Steamline thermal covers are purposely designed to make them easy to remove and easy to put back on. This allows the flow of your workplace to remain efficient. They stay in place when you want them to and they’re easily removed when required. They can be taken off in a matter of minutes in order to gain access to machinery, whether it’s a routine inspection or emergency maintenance is required.

Steamline Engineering provide high quality thermal covers for all sorts of different machinery. Keeping your employees safe and your machinery in A-quality condition, thermal covers from Steamline are a smart investment for any business with extreme temperature equipment. Get in touch with Steamline Engineering and order one of their thermal covers – Australia-wide shipping is available.

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