How Often Should Gaskets Be Replaced?


Your gaskets are the unsung heroes of your operations. They play a crucial role in your total output and protecting your sealing surfaces from leaks.

Yet, nobody wants to have a song and dance about the humble, old gasket – even though they have such a vital task at hand and perform their duty so well.

The truth is, we can all take our gaskets for granted, along with the replacement of them. Replacing your gaskets when they’re due is one way to prevent machine failure, production delays and financial blows to the business. Today, the gasket experts at Steamline Engineering tell us how often gaskets should be replaced – and where to get the best quality gaskets on the market.

If it ain’t broke, still fix it!

The old saying, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, can be applied to many things. An old car that keeps going and going, no matter how many kilometres it racks up. A favourite couch that is still comfy as ever. A coffee mug that you’ve had since the ‘80s. But gaskets are not included in this category.

In fact, it’s always recommended to change your gaskets before they fail on you. We do this for a number of reasons:

  • Prevent production stoppages
    If your gasket breaks unexpectedly, you’re likely to be put out for a longer time than when being prepared to replace a gasket. You can arrange to use a different machine while the gasket replacement takes place, avoiding production stoppages.
  • Prevent machinery damage
    When a gasket fails to seal its surfaces, this can cause damage to your machinery. It’s not worth trying to scrape a little bit more life out of a gasket when it could fail any minute and cost you thousands of dollars.

Gasket replacement intervals depend greatly on quality

There’s no blanket rule on how often you should replace your gaskets. This is because quality varies amongst gasket manufacturers – as well as the fact that some industries work with higher pressures and temperatures than others, placing more stress on the gaskets.

If you’re choosing low-quality copy gaskets, we can guarantee that you’ll need to replace them more often than high-quality, spiral wound gaskets from a top-rated European manufacturer like Carrara Gaskets.

Steamline Engineering are proud to deliver Carrara products. They’re made from high grade materials like PTFE and graphite, with the utmost precision. When you invest in Carrara gaskets from Steamline, your gasket life is maximised, meaning you won’t have to replace it every time you blink!

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