How Do I Know If A Gasket Needs Replacing?

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If there’s one thing your machinery simply can’t live without, it’s a gasket. Well, admittedly, there are many things your machinery can’t live without (like power, for example) but gaskets are certainly among the most crucial.

As is the task of replacing a gasket when the time has come. Thankfully, there are some tell-tale signs that a gasket needs to be replaced. Today, Australia’s industry specialists at Steamline Engineering tell us how to know when a gasket needs replacing.

In time, all gaskets needs replacing

First off, replacing a gasket is inevitable. No matter how great a quality your gaskets are, they still have a finite life expectancy and will need to be replaced after a while. Gaskets bear an incredible amount of pressure and high temperatures in some industries, so you can’t expect your gaskets to last a lifetime.

How to assess whether a gasket needs replacing or not

Here are some top tips for knowing if a gasket needs replacing:

  • Leaks
    You may have noticed that your equipment is leaking, directly from where your gasket is located. This may be a sign that your gasket isn’t properly sealing the two surfaces, meaning it needs a replacement.
  • Warping or bending
    Does your gasket look like it’s the same shape as when you first installed it? If not, it may need replacing. Gaskets can warp and bend in shape over time, resulting in their failure to properly seal surfaces. A warped gasket can cause damage to your machinery, so it’s best to replace a gasket as soon as it exhibits signs of warping.
  • Your machinery is malfunctioning
    If your equipment is showing signs of a decline in performance, it could be a variety of things – one of which is a problem with your gasket. Machinery failure due to gasket problems is particularly evident when your machinery isn’t building up the correct pressure, which is a sign of a leaking gasket. Always check your gaskets when your machinery is failing, and replace them if needed.
  • Your gasket is past its ‘due date’
    If the gasket manufacturer has outlined a certain date on which the gasket should be replaced, then it’s time to replace it. Don’t try to squeeze a little extra life out of a gasket that needs replacing, even if it appears to be performing well.

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