Heat Resistant Tape


Here at Steamline Engineering, thermal insulation is a huge part of what we do. From thermal covers to insulation to welding blankets, we’ve got you covered on all bases. So, when you’re cranking up the heat and need your equipment to be sealed, safe and ready-to-go, you can always rely on Steamline’s heat-resistant tape to get the job done.

Best grade materials

Steamline offer the highest quality heat-resistant tapes, made from the best grade materials. When you’re performing high-temperature work, you can’t take any chances, hence why you need to be sure that your heat-resistant tape is fit for the task. We offer heat-resistant tapes that are finished in a range of materials, like high temp silicon, graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), stainless steel mesh, ceramic fibre and more. These quality tapes can be customised to suit just about any application, and can withstand temperatures of up to 550 degrees Celsius.

Multipurpose tapes

Steamline Engineering are proud to deliver a heat-resistant tape that can be used for a multitude of purposes. Whether you need to create a seal between the shell and the access door of a piece of high-temp equipment, or wrapping pipes that contain a lot of heat, our heat-resistant tape does it all.

Why choose Steamline heat-resistant tape?

Heat-resistant tape isn’t just optional for many applications – it’s a necessary tool to keep your equipment functional and your employees safe. Here’s why you should always choose a quality tape supplier like Steamline Engineering:

  • Excellent safety qualities
    ‘Safety first’ is likely a mantra in your workplace. Steamline’s heat-resistant tape ensures that temperatures of up to 550 degrees Celsius are safely contained within your equipment, and can’t harm your staff.
  • Machinery protection
    Radiant heat can damage even the toughest, most durable equipment. Using heat-resistant tape from Steamline safeguards you against financially-draining equipment damage and keeps your gear running optimally.
  • Enhanced efficiency
    And, finally, efficiency is improved by using a high-grade heat-resistant tape as it works to maintain the correct temperature and take the load off your equipment.

Steamline Engineering are Australia’s industrial experts. Supplying the best quality gaskets, valve packing materials, thermal insulators and more, we’re also specialists in heat-resistant tape. Steamline’s heat-resistant tape is a multi-benefit product, offering improved safety, machinery protection and efficiency, all in one affordable product. We strive to keep prices low to support our fellow Aussie businesses and keep customers happy. Get in touch with Steamline Engineering and get our heat-resistant tape shipped Australia-wide.

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