Gasket Maintenance 101: Extending the Lifespan of Your Machinery

Gasket Maintenance 101 Extending the Lifespan of Your Machinery

You rely on your company to get income and live a stable life. Your company relies on your machinery to produce high-quality work. And what does your machinery rely on? High-quality, premium-grade gaskets – among other things, of course.

But when you view it through this scope, there’s a lot more riding on gasket choice than one would initially think. Gaskets are, in some ways, a foundation of your business.

So, how can we extend the lifespan of our machinery and ensure that gaskets are raising our business up, rather than weighing it down? Let’s hear from the experts at Steamline Engineering – Australia’s gasket specialists.

Regularly check for leaks

From the moment a new gasket is installed in your machinery, to the moment it’s replaced, regular leak checks need to be conducted. Just because a gasket has just been installed, even if it’s the exact same model as its predecessor, this doesn’t mean you can slack off on leak checks. In fact, it’s the best time to diligently check for leaks, as your machinery may have become worn over time and its regular gasket size may not quite be sealing as effectively as in the past.

Create a leak checking schedule and stick to it religiously – we can guarantee that you’ll extend the lifespan of your machinery by never missing a sneaky leak ever again.

Choose high-quality gaskets

One of the best things you can do for your machinery is to choose high-quality gaskets from reputable manufacturers. Inferior, cheap copies are very easy to buy – either by mistake, or by mistakenly thinking that they’re just as good as quality brand gaskets. Newsflash: they’re not!

Cheap gasket copies are often made from lower quality materials than genuine gaskets from good manufacturers. Take styrene-butadiene rubber as an example – a cheap alternative to genuine rubber. This cheap, flimsy material might be fine for low temperature, non-potable water applications, but it’s simply dangerous to use in applications involving oils and chemicals. Invest in gasket manufacturers with a reputation for quality, like Firefly and Carrera – two of the main brands stocked at Steamline Engineering.

Replace before leaks, not after

To extend the lifespan of your machinery, we suggest replacing gaskets before they start leaking – not after. This is a preventative measure that ensures there’s zero contact between your machinery’s two mating surfaces, reducing the chance of machinery damage and guaranteeing effective sealing for years to come.

Steamline Engineering understands the importance of increasing longevity in your business’s machinery. We stock a range of premium-grade gaskets from excellent manufacturers like Carrra and Firefly, providing metallic, rubber, PTFE, graphite gaskets and more. Supplying various gaskets from various materials, Steamline are also Australia’s leading team for other industrial equipment like thermal tapes and seals, welding blankets and valve packing materials.

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