Fugitive Emissions and How They’re Costing You Money

Fugitive Emissions and How They’re Costing You Money

What if we told you there was a stealthy burglar who’d break into your business every night and, bit by bit, steal from you, so that over a period of time, he’d have cost you thousands of dollars? If this was indeed the case, you’d want to put a stop to this culprit immediately, contacting the police, bolstering your security and installing cameras everywhere.

Well, we hate to say it, but there is a stealthy burglar that may actually be threatening your business: fugitive emissions. Most industrial businesses know about fugitive emissions and how much they can end up costing you per year. But it’s interesting to observe the difference between how we react when we’re told of lost dollars due to a real-life thief, compared to lost dollars through fugitive emissions… the reaction is a lot less alarmed, and a lot more blasé. The truth is, fugitive emissions may be costing you more than a thief ever could – considering you’re most likely insured for theft, but not for fugitive emissions.

What are fugitive emissions

Like the name suggests, fugitive emissions are ones that escape your pressurised equipment without your intention for them to do so. They often get out through small leaks in valves, pipe connections and mechanical seals.

What does this mean for the environment?

Fugitive emissions have a very negative impact on the environment, as you’d expect. International studies have found that fugitive emissions contribute significantly to the overall amount of greenhouse gas emissions, weighing in at a total of 5%.

How fugitive missions are the ‘stealthy burglar’, plundering your business

Leaking machinery doesn’t just affect the environment, but it also affects whoever’s paying for those commodities that are escaping and going unused… in other words, you. Fugitive emissions can cost your business hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the scale of operation you’re working at. As a business, it’s therefore very important to ensure your machinery is well serviced, and that you are using high quality, purpose-engineered sealing sets.

How to prevent fugitive emissions from affecting your business and, in turn, the environment

Always make sure your pressurised machinery is regularly serviced. This way you can constantly keep track of the condition of the seals on your valves and get them replaced if need be. If you do need a replace sealing set, go for a quality-constructed set like the ones at Steamline Engineering.

Steamline Engineering are a team of highly experienced industrial equipment experts. They specialise in providing top-of-the-line equipment such as gaskets, thermal seals, tapes, valve packing and more. Steamline have the philosophy of providing great equipment at competitive prices, so get in touch with their team to find the right sealing solution which will save your business in the long run by preventing fugitive emissions.

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