Can You Wash a Welding Blanket?

Can You Wash a Welding Blanket?

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect welding blanket. You’ve used it countless amounts of times and it’s been serving you well but now you need to clean it somehow. It’s not like a normal blanket that you’d use to rug up on a cold winter’s night; cleaning those kinds of blankets are pretty straightforward. Welding blankets, on the other hand, are made of fibreglass and other materials. So, how exactly do you clean one? In this post, we’ll give you a rundown of how to wash a welding blanket.

Use a washing machine

Yep, it’s totally fine to use a washing machine to wash your welding blanket, provided you follow these tips:

Don’t mix it with your clothes

One mistake that beginners make when washing a welding blanket is to throw it in with the rest of their washing. Big mistake! When you do a regular load of washing, you’d usually use washing liquid or powder to remove stains. These should never be used on welding blankets as they can damage the fibreglass and ruin the integrity of the blanket. Always do a separate washing cycle for your welding blanket.

Use warm water, not hot water

Warm water, around 40 degrees, is ideal when washing your welding blanket. You can check the label on your welding blanket to confirm the washing instructions.

Use bleach-free detergent

Don’t use bleach-based detergents or soap to wash your welding blanket. As mentioned, these can damage the fibreglass in the blanket. Instead, use a laundry detergent that doesn’t contain bleach or chlorine.

Steamline heatproof blankets

When it comes to choosing a durable yet affordable high-quality heatproof blanket, Steamline should be who you think of first. Their blankets are a super effective and inexpensive way of preventing sparks and molten metal from causing damage to your machinery, or bodily harm.

Steamline welding blankets are built to the highest standards and can therefore be used for a range of different industries. These include construction, automotive parts, shipbuilding and many more.

Steamline heatproof blankets are an important safety tool in the workplace. Due to their thickness and weight, they can also function as a kind of fire blanket. This proves to be immensely helpful in situations where high temperatures are involved, and even lifesaving in emergencies – in the unlikely circumstance that they would occur.

Washing a welding blanket may seem a little confusing at first, but if you stick to these tips, your blanket will be just fine and will enjoy many more rounds of use. If you need a top-quality welding blanket, talk to the team at Steamline. Their blankets are extremely durable and provide a low-cost option for keeping your team safe. Check them out online or give the Steamline team a call today.

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