Are Welding Blankets Waterproof?

Are Welding Blankets Waterproof?

If your workplace involves welding or any other high-temperature work, the chances are you’ll have used a welding blanket. You already know how important they are when it comes to protecting your workers and your machinery from flying sparks and wayward bits of metal. But what about water? Are welding blankets waterproof? It’s an important question to ask – one that’s essential if you want to get the most life out of your welding blanket. In this post, we’ll answer the question of whether welding blankets are waterproof or not.

Water-resistant, but not entirely waterproof

Welding blankets are designed to resist high temperatures. Most welding blankets are flame retardant and can withstand temperatures between 600 and 1000 degrees Celsius. While a regular fibreglass welding blanket is water-resistant, it probably won’t be much help in a tsunami. Don’t be concerned about washing your welding blanket with a bit of water, but just don’t let it soak for long periods …

Don’t soak them

You can wash a welding blanket to clean it, but don’t let it soak for longer than it needs to. Soaking the blanket can damage the fibreglass and ruin the integrity of the blanket, causing it to be unsafe for use on high-temperature work. Wash it with bleach-free detergent in warm water and then let it dry.

Steamline heatproof blankets

Steamline are your Aussie experts in choosing a durable yet affordable high-quality heatproof blanket. Their blankets are a super effective and inexpensive way of preventing sparks and molten metal from causing damage to your machinery, or bodily harm. They’re water-resistant, so you can wash them after use.

Steamline welding blankets are built to the highest standards and can therefore be used for a range of different industries. These include construction, automotive parts, shipbuilding and many more. Their standard caramelised fibreglass finish is four zero-rated and can withstand temperatures of up to 600°C. Their blankets treated with vermiculite can resist molten ash of up to a whopping 1000°C.

Steamline heatproof blankets are an important safety tool in the workplace. Due to their thickness and weight, they can also function as a kind of fire blanket. This proves to be immensely helpful in situations where high temperatures are involved, and even lifesaving in emergencies – in the unlikely circumstance that they would occur.

High-quality welding blankets are essential for your workplace. Not only are they incredibly heat-resistant, but a good one should be able to resist water too. Steamline can help you out with welding blankets for all high-temperature work. Their blankets are durable, reliable and come at competitive prices too. And they can be shipped Australia-wide! To protect your workers and your machinery, invest in high-quality welding blankets from Steamline. Grab a quote from them today!


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