5 Reasons You Should Choose Steamline For Your Gasket Needs

5 Reasons You Should Choose Steamline For Your Gasket Needs

When it comes to health, you trust your doctor. When it comes to plumbing, you trust your plumber. And when it comes to gaskets, you trust Steamline Engineering. Steamline are Australia’s team of experts for gaskets, valves, seals and more, supplying high performance gaskets in all kinds of materials. Here are 5 reasons why you should look no further than Steamline Engineering when you need anything to do with gaskets.

1) Steamline supply high quality Carrara metallic gaskets

Metallic gaskets need to be strongly crafted to do their job properly and remain in-tact. That’s why Steamline choose Carrara metallic gaskets, for their strength, corrosion-resistance and durability. With more than 50 years in the industry, they have been proven to have one of the strongest and most hard-wearing metallic gaskets available to customers. Suitable to a variety of different fits, and ranging in thickness, these gaskets are able to be used through a range of different applications. They remain intact, and fit to work in any type of operation making them the most multipurpose option of gasket on the market.

2) Steamline have gaskets in a range of different materials

Metallic gaskets aren’t the only thing that Steamline Engineering specialises in. Their gasket materials include graphite, millboard, PTFE and more. This vast range of experience with different gasket materials has given the team at Steamline a sense of what makes a good gasket and what makes a great gasket, opting for only the best quality gear on the market.

3) They focus on value

Sure, you may have the best quality gasket – but what about the best value for money? Steamline not only have a commitment to bringing you quality products, but they’re also focussed on keeping prices affordable. This has helped hundreds of businesses across Australia to keep their machinery running on a budget.

4) They ship Australia-wide

It doesn’t matter whether your business is in the heart of Sydney or on Kangaroo Island, Steamline guarantee that they’ll get their gaskets to you. All of their products are available for shipping across the country, including their gaskets.

5) They’re service-driven

The team at Steamline aren’t just driven to sell you a gasket. They’re here to sell you a solution. This means that they focus on selling you the right gasket for your needs, taking into account measurements and material so that there are no mistakes in your order.

Steamline Engineering are the team of choice for many businesses across Australia who look to invest in the best quality metallic, PTFE, graphite or millboard gaskets. Get in touch with the experts at Steamline Engineering to discuss ordering a product today.

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